Fred Chalky Wong

Soon & Haetae

Personal Project developed under Pixar Internship Program

It is 1928 and Korea is under Japanese Colonial Rule. Soon is a typist for an advertising firm by day, a Korean nationalist writer by night. This double life is put into jeopardy when she decides to take in HaeTae, a creature she rescued from Japanese hunters and the last Tiger alive on the Korean peninsula.

the den

A secret hiding place where Soon writes nationalist literature. It doubles as HaeTae’s bedroom when Soon adopts her new pet. A symbolic battleground between Soon’s Id and Superego.


the last of her kind as the Japanese slowly hunt korean tigers to the brink of extinction. HaeTae is a teenage cub with a curious


an activist turned writer. She is a fierce warrior at heart but out of survival, learned to hide under a disguise of soft femininity. Despite her best efforts, sometimes her hot temper gets the best of her.

Soon final design drawings

Soon poses

Soon Expressions

Soon & HaeTae color keys